Instagram Quarantine Models: Nicole Golf Is Ready To Get Back On The Links

Nicole & Golf popped up on my Instagram Discovery page on Monday and I started looking through the account to see what was going on with her golf game. Turns out Nicole is out of Portugal and the courses are closed over there. Major bummer. If Nicole relocated to the States she’d be able to do her golf influencing and play in like 25 or so states where golf is allowed right now. Instead, she’s quarantined in Portugal, not able to play and is left creating golf content in a yard.

I’ve said it hundreds of times during quarantine. Golf influencers have to do whatever they can right now to stay relevant and if that means getting out in the yard and posing with a putter or your 60-degree wedge, they do it. Make it unique and keep the followers happy. One thing will lead to another and Portugal will lift its golf ban and you’ll be back out on the course with thousands of new fans.

Nicole Golf waiting for golf to reopen in Portugal / via IG Story
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