Dolphins Cheerleader Paige Lillian Unleashes Corona Dance Routine That Has Industry Talking

Dolphins cheerleader Paige Lillian claimed back in March that she was retiring from the unit and would be giving up her spot for another cheerleader dreamer out there who wanted to achieve a goal. The problem: Paige keeps unleashing fire corona content and the Dolphins might not have any choice but to beg her to come back — if the NFL returns. Society was told that art and creativity would come out of the corona lockdown and Paige pretty much went out, via TikTok, and laid down dance tracks that NFL cheerleaders will be referencing for years to come.

In fact, if I’m reading the captions correctly, Paige’s dance videos are already serving as virtual dance classes. Ladies, trust Paige with your new routines. She’s been to the Pro Bowl. She’s been to the top of the NFL cheerleading mountain. Start following, ask her questions, learn new routines. There should be no reason why you aren’t firing out of the gates when the NFL preseason starts in August. Get after it!

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