Buy Jim Lampley’s California House

Jim Lampley’s house is for sale / via Zillow

Jim Lampley turns 71 on April 8. I’m not sure if it was planned like this, but Jim’s beautiful Del Mar, California house goes on the market the same day, according to a Zillow listing for the 4,600 sq. ft. five bedroom, six bathroom gated community estate. It can be yours for $2,575,000 and it’s about as classy as you’d expect from Lampley. Super clean. Carpets that I’d eat dinner off of. Big walls for your art collection. Just class all around.

From Jim’s realtor:

Spectacular, spacious ocean view home above Show Park in gated Rancho Del Mar Estates. Elegantly remodeled gourmet kitchen, bathrooms, Master (with balcony) and backyard suited for poolside gatherings, large and small.  Truly magical setting for more love, laughter and lifetime memories.

Only thing I didn’t see here was a space to kick back and watch sports — when they eventually come back from corona. I see the sitting room for women to chit chat but not a place for the guys to slam beers and yell during a boxing match. The other thing I noticed is that you’re not going to throw a rager in that pool. Little tight. Corona spread like crazy if you try to get 10 ladies in there with you.

Jim Lampley signed off for the last time on HBO Boxing back in December 2018. In 2019, he was teaching courses at the University of North Carolina and said that he’d be open to a return to calling boxing matches.

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