Now Adam Schefter Is Fed Up With NFL’s Draft Plans While There’s ‘Carnage’ In The Streets

Adam Schefter is angry at the NFL for planning to hold the draft while there’s carnage in the streets / via Twitter

Adam Schefter went on Scott Van Pelt’s SportsCenter Tuesday night and unloaded on the NFL for plans to hold the draft this month while there’s “carnage in the streets,” according to Schefter. It’s true, there are refrigerated trucks being used to store bodies in New York City boroughs, but businesses continue to operate while that’s happening and the NFL plans to be one of those companies rolling on during a pandemic war.

Schefter says the Draft is only happening through a lack of foresight from the NFL. It’s interesting to see Schefty get so bent out of shape here, especially after his March 25 tweet suggesting the NFL spread out the draft over seven nights.

Here’s Schefty dropping “carnage in the streets” days after floating his seven nights suggestion:

Before he started talking about “carnage”:

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