Buy A 1984 Colts Tailgating Van With Your Trump Cash

Looking for something to spend your Trump Cash on here in a few weeks? Are you a Colts fan? Are you in the market for a 1984 Ford Econoline that you can smash to pieces after ripping out the beautiful seats once the 2020 season ends, if it even happens? It’s your lucky day Colts fan. Look at this beautiful ride that’s ready for a new home during a worldwide pandemic. I’m telling you right now, tell the guy you’ll give him your Trump check and make him say no.

From the seller:

Runs excellent…CUSTOMIZED INTERIOR..Cd player…GREAT FOR TAILGATING PARTIES THIS SUMMER..Tv Ready New surround sound in Back…COLTS LOVERS…only 160000 miles clean title

Remember these old rides and how they’d stop counting miles or they’d turn over and start counting again? I’m just sayin’ I’d have a mechanic look at this so you’re not screwed on the side of I-69 after the tranny goes out. If it does, please rip out those captains chairs and figure out a way to use them in your basement before you scrap the van to a handyman for $500.  Complete cars are going for $71/ton right now.

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