Jim Edmonds Goes On Impressive Corona Costco Run

Jim Edmonds coronavirus Costco run – 1

Jim Edmonds should be fine through a couple months of corona after going to Costco Tuesday and dropping $2,055. It appears he’s all loaded up on almond milk, Truly, Lays chips, paper plates, Crest toothpaste and bath towels. You never know when you’ll have to throw out a towel that has been infected with corona. I know it’s not cool to feel sorry for a multi-millionaire during any pandemic, but I do feel sorry for Jimmy here.

Jimbo was in the middle of working his job as a Cardinals TV analyst when corona crushed spring training and sent him home to St. Louis and that means being locked in self-quarantine with his kids. I’m not sure how many kids are in his house since the whole three-way drama with his estranged (maybe the divorce is final by now, not sure) wife Meghan. Jim has like 8 kids or something wild like that. I can’t possibly keep up with which ones are in his quarantine house.

Meghan’s out in California doing her thing and Jimbo now has to pass the time in the massive house he had built just before she took off and the whole divorce drama played out. I’m telling you right now, Jimmy’s going to need the MLB road trips real soon. You can’t cage an animal like this for long.

Jim Edmonds coronavirus Costco run – 2
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