Corona Better Leave It’s Disgusting Virus Hands Off DJ Nata Lee

I’ve been cruising Instagram trying to take the temperature of the room and see how the ladies are handling things. It’s been refreshing to see the cream of the crop models step up their game as this nasty coronavirus tries to ruin the party in 2020. These IG ladies have never created content during pandemic times. They’ve never been quarantined with the inability to jump on private jets to Qatar.

That leaves an IG legend like DJ Nata Lee hunkered down at home, no DJ sets around the world and doing whatever she can for all the first responders, the doctors, the nurses and those quarantined. This is the time to shine and put a stamp on an Instagram Hall of Fame career. Guys, she’s at home making recipes out of cookbooks and creating content. That’s what it’s all about right now. Do what you can to pass the time and think of better days pre-corona.

DJ Nata Lee stepping up for the troops:


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