Instagram Playmate Alana Campos Is Fed Up With Coronavirus Media

Here’s something you don’t see very often from the Instagram model world — a former Playboy Playmate taking a shot at the media. Alana Campos, Playboy Playmate September 2012, took to Instagram today to say how she’s tired of how the media is covering coronavirus and that “this whole thing is super hyped up by the media.” She also mentions that home invasions are up 300% “in her city,” which I assume is Los Angeles. She also mentions Facebook groups organizing riots at grocery stores. I’m not a psychological expert by any stretch, but this might be a case where we have to release Ms. Campos on the world just so she doesn’t go insane. My medical advice: no more media coverage this week for Alana. She’s advised to turn it off.

Ms. Campos writes:

Quarantining in style wearing @prettylittlething Lol joke. That was a few days ago, when life was normal and people weren’t panicking over a flu. I’m not trying to downplay the situation, yes this is absolutely terrible, and the hospitals are overwhelmed, people in the health system are working on stop. Millions of people are losing their income. (Including myself) home invasions are up 300% in my city. And I’ve heard of Facebook groups organizing riots at supermarkets.

Not sure if I’m alone, but I do think that this whole thing is super hyped up by media. FYI they make money by clicks, so tragedy and panic cause a lot of clicks!

Alana says the media is not helping

46,000 people per year – 127 people per day in the U.S. commit suicide. That’s one every 12 minutes. Yet you don’t see WAR FONT chyrons on the tv screen about that.

Yes this thing is really bad but causing panic and getting super anxious about this will bring your immune system down. So don’t freak out. If you’re healthy you will beat it. 80% of the people who caught the virus are recovering. We must do everything we can to help minimize the situation. The real trouble is the impact that is causing in our society. This quarantine won’t last forever and if we do all that is asked, most likely we will have all summer to enjoy ourselves and chit chat about how crazy this whole thing was.

I’m not here to argue with anyone. I think we are all free to express our thoughts and concerns. Please stay safe & healthy my friends! Posting in my stories what I take for my immune system every morning for the past 3 years. Check it out!

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