Helga Lovekaty Starts Releasing Coronavirus Content

And it has begun — here comes the coronavirus content from the Instagram models. IG legend Helga Lovekaty stepped up today and dumped out her first, of what I assume will be man, COVID-19 content in the form of what you see below. “Will life never be the same again? What do you think, how long we’ll sit in shelter and wait when the epidemic ends,” Helga asked her followers on IG from Bali, Indonesia.

I’ve said it for the last week or so — COVID is going to test Instagram models like never before. Will they be up to the content game associated with a virus that has paralyzed air travel and has people thinking quarantine instead of promoting a hotel in the tropics. Will these models have enough content ideas to last a couple months? Will these Instagram models have enough stockpile to get them through the dark days when followers are tiring of the same mirror selfies? COVID is going to separate the contenders from the Instagram pretenders.

Yes, Helga will be standing when this is all said and done. Some genius will come up with a vaccine and Instagram life will go back to how it was. Helga will go back to creating videos for Bang Energy drinks and I’ll go back to not having kids at home daily. It’s going to be a struggle for all of us, but we’ll get there. We will survive.

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