NSFWBDs React To Rudy Gobert Testing Positive & Woj Donovan Mitchell Corona-bomb

Rudy Gobert touching microphones after a press conference

Rudy Gobert touching microphones after a press conference / via Twitter

Rudy Gobert tested positive last night for coronavirus and now Donovan Mitchell has tested positive for coronavirus as the NBA spirals into Woj corona-bombs being dropped like this one today where he mentions players saying privately that Gobert had been touching players and their belongings in the Jazz locker room. Now, I’m not a doctor, but is it possible that Mitchell gave it to Gobert? I’d assume so, but it’s going to be Gobert who’s going to get crushed for this.

First thing I thought of was checking in with the NSFWBDs to see how they’re processing all this. Things are developing incredibly fast here so dig through the tweets and then get back on social for the next Woj corona-bomb.


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