Kentucky Guard Ashton Hagans Is Really Good With His Cash, Shows Off A Huge Pile Of It

Ashton Hagans shows off a huge pile of cash / via Twitter

Kentucky sophomore guard Ashton Hagans, a Community and Leadership Development major, appears to be really great with his money. A video of Hagans flashing a cash fan for a camera has found its way to the Louisville message boards and has now been weaponized by Louisville fans who are in a constant war with Kentucky fans. That’s no secret. If one fanbase can find video of a college sophomore flaunting what he has saved up via a shoebox, of course Louisville fans are going to use it.

Then Kentucky fan returns fire with, “It’s so creepy you’re a grown man creeping on a kid’s social media account and posting it.” It goes on day after day after day across this country. Michigan-Michigan State, Michigan-Ohio State, Alabama-Auburn. One fanbase acting holier than thou, looking for that constant edge over a rival. Looking for that video that’s going to rule social media for 30 hours.

Look, Ashton might be really great at saving money. I remember the college days when guys in the dorms would cash a grant check and go buy televisions. Remember it well. Big box TVs. Heavy AF. I’m talking those big AF 36″ TVs that would take two guys everything within their powers to lift. Maybe Ashton just cashed a grant check and he’s about to buy books. Maybe his parents saved it so he could buy a car. Maybe his grandparents put $1,000 into a fund when he was born and he’s cashing out.

Kentucky fans have their line of defense fortified and ready for battle against Louisville fans:

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