ALERT: We Have Afternoon College Basketball Pretty Much Every Day Until April

This is March, indeed! Today we kicked the day off with an electric noon tipoff between Winthrop and SC Upstate in the Big South tournament. We then have a couple of 2:30 tipoffs to take us into a night full of games starting at 5 pm. It really is the most wonderful time of the year. We have the lowly (but still great) conferences playing their conference tournaments for the next few days and then the big boys kick off their conference tournaments next week and take us right into Selection Sunday. Basketball for over 12 hours a day, every. single. day. Then we have the best weekend of the year with the first two of rounds of the NCAA Tournament and oh my god I just can’t contain my excitement.

My real dream is to move into the Buffalo Wild Wings bed and breakfast that BC wrote about a few days ago.

I would just sit around in my bunk bed (bottom bunk because I’m too afraid of falling off the top), eat some boneless mild wings (I eat mild because I’m a coward and BWW is the only place I get boneless wings so calm down), and just scroll through some real time ncaab spreads betting the days away (bonus menu item at BWW is the soft pretzel with queso… a fire appetizer if there ever was one). That B&B at BWW is basically my life right now anyway so I don’t see why they don’t just let me come and be a part of the experience. It would give me all the buffalo wings, basketball, betting, beer, and bunk beds I could ever ask for all while keeping me quarantined safely from the Coronavirus. Heaven.

Make sure to follow along on Twitter @BlakeyLocks as I chronicle myself betting my way through March. Join along for the ride. It’ll be a hell of a time.

This is March.

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Kentucky Fan Drops N-Bomb On Vols Fan, Issues Apology
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