NSFWBDs Analyze COVID-19…Known On The Streets As Coronavirus

I guess this is what Corona looks like, that’s what the experts say / via Twitter

I’ve been avoiding this as long as possible to let the great content pile up and then dump it out at the height of the hysteria so we can all look back a year from now and laugh about when Coronavirus had people triggered and standing in hours-long lines at Costco. I didn’t want to waste my NSFWBDs wad early and then have to do another post. Let’s do this post, then add to it. I think we have a helluva start right here from the BDs.

Some of the Best NSFWBDs moments have to do with things that have a sexual angle to them like disease, death and quarantines. You throw all of that together and the BDs are producing A+ content. The one thing that’s clear to the BDs is that there were people out there risking it all way before corona and there will be people risking it all well after corona disappears into thin air after its 15 minutes are up and a few thousand Chinese die from it. Sure, a few will die here, but they were probably going to die anyway over a common cold. Folks, I hate to break it to you, but old people break hips and then never leave the hospital because pneumonia kills them. Lost a great-grandmother to it after she fell down some stairs. Broken hip and she was dead like a couple days later.

Add it all up and the BDs know this is just another fad out there that’s dominating the news landscape. They’re clearly not scared. They’ve faced down tougher circumstances than some dumb virus.




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