Buffalo Wild Wings Built A BnB At A BWW For March Madness Winners Who’ll Live In A Store For 48 Hours

Live in a Buffalo Wild Wings during March Madness / via BWW

Buffalo Wild Wings has built a bed-and-breakfast inside its Lincoln Park/Chicago store and the plan is to have four lucky contest winners live inside the bnb during the first 48 hours of March Madness where the fans will get to watch 32 college basketball games, eat a bunch of wings, drink whatever BWW is willing to let them drink and then have people watch them watch the games.

This is a home run marketing move from Team Bdubs. Think of how cheap it was to build that dorm room. I don’t even see plumbing which I assume means the winners will get to use the store facilities. As for showers, I’m still waiting to hear what BWW has planned there. It might be a situation where you just expect these four winners not to bathe during the 48 hours.

From the Buffalo Wild Wings marketing team:

Since many fans will basically be living at the bar during the first 2 days of March Madness when there are 32 games played in 48 hours, Buffalo Wild Wings decided to let four lucky fans literally live at the bar. Introducing, BnB-Dubs – a pop-up bed and breakfast built inside a B-Dubs, which will give fans the chance to make the sports bar their home for the weekend… so they don’t miss any of the tourney action!

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