Introducing Thomas ‘Snacks’ Lee from Jackson State…Student Manager Gets Into Game…Shines

Thomas ‘Snacks’ Lee got into a game last night for Jackson State / via Twitter

Thomas ‘Snacks’ Lee, the Jackson State student manager, got into a game Monday night against Arkansas-Pine Bluff and took advantage of the playing time by draining a bomb from long range during his two minutes of playing time in the JSU blowout win 76-56. “Never let anybody tell you what you “ can’t’ “ do. Stay Down and wait for your moment,” Snacks wrote on Twitter after his big college moment. How big was the moment? Snacks had never played in a college game. 

You can tell Snacks is one of those guys everyone loves to be around. Humble. Willing to do whatever it takes to win. Quick with a joke. Every great team needs a Snacks. Hell, I wish there was a Snacks on Team BC. Give me 10 Snacks and I’ll kick blog ass.

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Snacks before he was famous:

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