Clarissa Bowers Makes BC Debut, Jose Altuve Taking More Heat & Belichick’s Combine Weekend

Welcome to the final week of the regular season for college basketball. NC State is at Duke on ESPN at 7 and then it’s Texas Tech at Baylor in the 9 ET game. The Tokyo Marathon is at 2 on NBCSN in case you want to see what happens when people are freaked out over coronavirus and don’t show up to watch a marathon. And spring training baseball rolls on via MLB Network. Don’t have the channel so I’m not watching. Whatever.

Neuroscience student Clarissa Bowers does work for SI

Brett Favre’s definitely confused on where Joe Burrow’s hometown is in relation to Cincinnati

British soccer fans fighting in the stands like they’re at an Eagles game

Fans are deep into Jose Altuve’s head real estate

Here’s what Belichick was doing while the Combine was going on

CNN now running ads during news segments like they’re ESPN

You’ll never guess why Florida Man started throwing Molotov cocktails

Here’s Maddie Bailey from Alabama

You’re Not Going To Believe This, But I Was Actually Watching When He Hit This Shot Video of the Weekend

Brunch Pizza of the Week

Princess Martha of Norway Stops By, Punter Puts On Combine Bench Show & Corona Beer Taking Huge Hit
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