The Dan Patrick Show Is Moving To YouTube

The Dan Patrick Show is moving to YouTube after AT&T dropped Audience Network

The Dan Patrick Show is on the move again, this time to YouTube, as AT&T will close Audience Network. Dan’s final show on Audience will be Friday with the first DP Show on YouTube happening Monday, March 2 on the Dan Patrick Show channel. Dan announced on today’s show that nothing will change with the broadcast and says that he even had more cameras installed in the studio that he opened in April 2019.

So to recap, the last year has been pretty wild for Dan, 63, and the crew. They left NBCSN on March 1, 2019, went to Audience Network, opened the new studio and now DP has been sent packing by AT&T, which continues its slide into cable TV obscurity as people keep cutting cords. UVerse has now cut NFL Network, Red Zone and the DP Show in about eight months. AT&T lost four million video customers in 2019, including nearly a million from Directv & UVerse.

Dan on moving from Audience Network to YouTube:

This DP Show news might’ve crushed people back in the day when phones flipped to open, but it’s 2020 and you don’t see Dan worrying too much about the show production. Have to assume he enjoyed the check from AT&T. I’ve said it dozens of times to Mrs. BC, if I didn’t need to have rewind/pause/fast forward functions that I use on cable boxes, I’d drop UVerse. The other thing I’m not a big fan of is the delay in switching channels in Hulu when I tested it. I need fast response times, especially when I’m trying to watch multiple college football games. Maybe there’s a solution to that I’m not hearing about.

What’s crystal clear is that cable subscribers will absolutely be dinosaurs in five years. Good luck to those out there who don’t have dependable Internet when ESPN moves all of its big games to apps. Notice how they’re already moving UFC and boxing to ESPN+? That’s not by accident.

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