Instagram Idiots Are Mad At Garth Brooks For Wearing Sanders Jersey

Garth Brooks wore a Sanders jersey for a concert in Detroit & people thought it was a Bernie Sanders jersey / via Instagram

Just when you thought you’d seen all the stupid people in the world congregate in one spot — Facebook — here come the idiots to destroy Instagram and all it used to stand for. Your moms and angry dads are now bored with Facebook and have spilled over to IG where they’re now taking aim at Garth Brooks after his recent concert at Ford Field where he wore a Barry Sanders jersey to honor the Pro Football Hall of Famer and make the locals love their country hero even more.

Now since Instagram has been infiltrated by the idiots out there Garth’s Instagram photo showing him in the Sanders jersey caused all hell to break loose. Yep, the idiots thought/think Garth wore a Bernie Sanders jersey for the show and now THEY ARE DONE with Garth. That’s right, that Sanders jersey has people fuming. How dare Garth turn on Trump like that during this flaming hot political period. Look, I get that this world is filled with absolute idiots who usually spend their days arguing over the same shitt on local TV news Facebook posts and it’s never going to change during our lifetimes because Facebook isn’t going anywhere and the idiots are addicted to the format.

That said, I’m going to need the idiots to leave IG and all it used to stand for — poon shots. Leave us alone over there. No more, dead soldiers deserve parades, not Kobe Bryant, comments to me. That shitt goes on Facebook. You take that energy right back to where you came from.

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