Minor League Hockey Fight Ends With Kale Kessy Knocked Out Cold, Transported To Hospital

Kale Kessy was knocked out after a hockey fight turned into his head hitting the ice, he has been discharged from the hospital / via Facebook

There are hockey fights and then there are hockey fights like what tough guy Kale Kessy of the Hershey Bears found himself in last night where his head bounced off the ice and a linesman freaked out, presumably thinking something tragic had just happened. Kessy and Derek Sheppard of the Charlotte Checkers fought at the 11:30 mark of the second period and it was a slugfest until Sheppard connected with a vicious right to Kessy’s face that seemed to knock the guy out cold and sent him crumbling to the ice and then the head bounces off the ice.

Sheppard immediately knows something is very wrong. You can see the linesman freak out. According to the Bears, Kessy lost consciousness but was well enough as he left the ice to tell his teammates “go win the game.” The Bears won 6-1. Kessy has since been released from the hospital and says he’s ready to rejoin his teammates soon. Their next game is scheduled for Saturday night. Look, I’m no doctor, but Kale might want to take the night off, but we know these tough guys are afraid that some young punk will step into the lineup and take their spots. That said, I have to believe Kessy is in there if the doctor’s are ok with it.

Missouri Residents are Pushing for the Recreational Use of Cannabis
Missouri Residents are Pushing for the Recreational Use of Cannabis
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