ESPN Cleveland Hot Mic (Allegedly) Catches ‘F-ing’ Midget Mayfield Comment [Update]

ESPN Cleveland radio hot mic

ESPN Cleveland radio hot mic

Cleveland radio experts claim this is Tony Grossi on ESPN Cleveland 850 dropping a “f-ing midget” on a hot mic while referencing Baker Mayfield during a discussion on NFL quarterbacks. Here we are on a Tuesday, a quiet day if you’re the city of Cleveland now that Greg Robinson’s massive weed bust has quieted down, and this will now dominate the Cleveland social media landscape.

I don’t want to do this to Cleveland, but some sort of content always happens and forces my hand. I wasn’t even going to mention Baker doing shots in San Diego. This week, I wasn’t going to mention Baker’s alleged Crocker Park BJs. It was going to be a quiet week. Now Grossi (allegedly) has changed all that. Now I have to talk Browns and Baker.

Keep in mind Baker checked in at the 2018 NFL Combine at 6’1″ and had 9 1/4″ hands.

Update: Grossi has been suspended indefinitely by ESPN Cleveland

You might remember that these two don’t seem to like each other. It was October when Baker dropped the “Jesus, Tony” line that Cleveland t-shirt entrepreneurs turned into a money-making opportunity.

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