Randy The Plumber Breaks Down Daytona 500 Wreck

Randy the Plumber analyzes Daytona 500 crash started by Joey Logano / via Facebook

It’s official – Randy the Plumber is a breakout star of 2020 after one Daytona 500 analysis video where he give color commentary on Joey Logano starting a wreck near the end of the race that knocked out several top drivers. There’s a good chance Jeff Gordon put you to sleep Monday night during the 500 with his very technical analysis and demeanor that rarely leaves middle of the road decibel level.

That’s why people are losing their minds today over Randy the Plumber and his color commentary. Randy is clearly a man of the people who tells it like he sees it and in a way that we can all relate to. Gordon’s Mr. Corporate, selling sponsorships as he speaks. I’m telling you guys right now, NASCAR people are going to get tired of Jeff Gordon in the broadcast booth. They need some good-old-boy like Waltrip — or Randy — to remind everyone that this is a bootlegger sport and Gordon will never be that Southern good ol boy they love.

It wasn’t too many years ago when I started posting Bob Menery’s work when he had like 2,000 followers and no Buffalo Wild Wing commercials. We had him on the Friday Show early on and at that point he was selling personalized messages in Menery voice to people. Now look at Bob. I’m not sure Randy can take his work to Menery’s level of success where he’s somehow turned a voice into hobnobbing with elites, but then again, Randy is so man-of-the-people that he probably doesn’t give two shitts about private jets and breaking up with Katie Kearney. Randy clearly just wants to be left alone at home in front of his massive (82″?) TV.

And before you go and accuse Randy of being one dimensional, he can also crossover into the NBA:


Man of the People:


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