JJ Watt Wedding Recap, Jay Cutler Hits The Slopes & Astros Spy On XFL Sideline

XFL needs some juice at the QB position…kick the tires on Tebow & Manziel will be next

From Pro Football Talk :

“We had a couple conversations,” Tebow added. “But it was pretty clear that this was — I love what they’re doing. I think it has a chance to have success. And I think that’s great. And so I think there needs to be a place for a lot of players that are really good and should and could be playing in the NFL and are better than a lot of NFL players. And there’s a chance they’re going to be seen. So I think it’s awesome and I think it’s good for a lot of guys that are going to get a spot on an NFL roster because they’re going show a team that they’re worth it. But for me this is what I wanted to do and pursuit it and be all in and just, yeah.”

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Dumb and Dumber

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