“Recliner Karen” is Out for Blood and Wants the FBI to Help Her Get Revenge

The ante has officially been UPPED by Recliner Karen. If you missed this original story (which I don’t know how you could have it’s owned the internet for two days) you can read it here and here is the original video:

The underrated best part of this tweet that I missed Day One is in Karen’s mission to get her video out to the world she tagged Andy Cohen’s old Twitter account and only Andy Cohen’s old Twitter account in her effort to spread the word. Gold.

Well, onto the update in the storyline.

TMZ– Wendi appeared on “TMZ Live” and said she wants to press charges against the man for what she says went down before she started videotaping him. She also explains why she never actually went to the FBI. As for the flight attendant … Wendi claims the woman demanded she delete the video. Wendi wasn’t having it … and now she wants the flight attendant fired.

*Shocking* that Wendi aka Recliner Karen is milking this for every drop of clout she can. She bravely decided she will no longer involve the FBI (she definitely called the FBI and they said the guy didn’t break the law) and is now going after the flight attendant who allegedly told her to delete her video and then gave the puncher a free drink. If you read my blog yesterday you would know that I would also be giving the puncher free drinks too if I was in the back row. Hell, I would actually pour out three shots and me, the puncher, and Karen would all take a shot together and hash things out like adults. That’s how all in-air fights should be resolved. People are just way too uptight on the plane and if they could just relax and have a drink together the whole experience would be much better for everyone.

Now obviously going after this flight attendant’s job is ridiculous because what the fuck is she supposed to do in this situation. But where things get reallyyy crazy is Karen’s complaints about the aftermath:

Wendi also claims she’s had to get x-rays, has headaches and lost time from work since going 12 rounds with her fellow passenger.

*mwahhhhh* Perfection! Nothing is more Recliner Karen than this sentence. You would have thought she was trading blows with prime Tyson, not getting lightly pushed by some social media manager from the Bernie 2020 campaign. I mean give me a break, woman. What could you have possibly gotten x-rayed?? The headaches are probably because you forgot to take your morning half a Xanax. I am personally contributing to your 24 hours in the internet spotlight stretching to maybe 72 hours but I don’t think your boss is going to understand if you show him your Twitter engagements and negative X-rays as an excuse for missing work. So get back in the office, take your meds, and never recline your fucking seat again.

Woman Reclines Her Seat on the Plane and Epic Battle Ensues
Woman Reclines Her Seat on the Plane and Epic Battle Ensues
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