Bill Belichick’s Giving Girlfriend Linda Horsepower In The Tropics

Bill Belichick and girlfriend Linda enjoy a day off in the tropics / via Twitter

Bill Belichick keeps smiling in 2020 obviously enjoying life, this week with girlfriend Linda, in the tropics wearing his VIII Rings visor and enjoying everything that comes with being the greatest head coach in the history of the football. Now I know what you guys are constantly thinking — Bill’s the biggest asshole in the history of the sport. I’ve been over this with you guys so many times I’ve lost track. It’s an act.

All that one word answer stuff with reporters — an act. All those scary halftime interviews with sideline reporters — partial act. Linda is constantly showing Bill enjoying the fruits of his labor. He just doesn’t like being around you losers who waste his time. That’s what turns Bill into the Hoodie Monster. Of course he wants to laugh when you mock him during a press conference. And of course he wants to choke local TV reporter guy who asks dumb questions. That’s the Hoodie Mentality that he then uses to control his locker room and make grown men fear that he’ll trade their asses to the Bengals where their careers will end and they’ll be out of the game.

You saw Bill at the Super Bowl. He was having the time of his life. This guy has some time off, can listen to Chesney, bang Linda, eat burgers, work on the tan, wear his Vineyard Vines shirts, just live the life. Folks, don’t always believe everything you see on ESPN about a guy.

Bill Belichick and girlfriend Linda enjoying a romantic night on a boat / via IG Story

Vintage Hoodie & Linda:

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