Antonio Brown Apologizes To Ben Roethlisberger Via Instagram

Antonio Brown apologizes to Ben Roethlisberger on Instagram / via IG Story

The Antonio Brown apology tour is rolling on and today AB is saying sorry to Ben Roethlisberger for everything he put him through a couple years ago when the wide receiver became a horrible teammate and had to be sent packing. While AB doesn’t use the word “sorry” in his apology, he does “apologize” for his past actions.

From AB on IG:

Mostly you a little bit of me ! Yee yee !! I never realized how good I had it, got caught up in my emotion with everyone coming after me I really apologize for my actions sincerely man ! It’s never been another connection like what we done in the past decade. I appreciate you. Sincerely AB

The big problem with this apology is that Big Ben isn’t on Instagram — that I know of — and if AB tries to drop the apology on Twitter there’s a good chance he’s been blocked since Ben’s social media team somehow figured out how to block the entire Internet from that account.

I’ve lost track of what AB’s apologizing for, but going back to 2017, this happened and caused a bunch of drama between these two queens that live for drama.

“He got upset because he was open, which I can understand, sometimes that happens,” Roethlisberger said. “I was disappointed because it’s not like I intentionally missed him, it’s not like I intentionally didn’t throw it to him. I was doing what my reads tell me to do, I don’t even want to say I made a mistake, because I was reading the side I was supposed to read. It’s just unfortunate that it happened, and it’s unfortunate that he acted and reacted that way.”

Roethlisberger said he told Brown that he wished he would have spoken to him rather than knocking over a Gatorade bucket because it “goes a lot further than throwing a temper tantrum.” He added that he’s not trying to call Brown out in his answer, although it may be tough for others to see things the same way given the venue Roethlisberger chose to address the matter.

Then there was this tweet from 2019 that probably sent Big Ben off the deep end:

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