The XFL is a Cruel Game: LA Wildcats Defensive Coordinator Pepper Johnson Fired After One Game

PFT– The Los Angeles Wildcats didn’t get the start to the season they were hoping for over the weekend and one of the XFL team’s coaches has lost his job in the wake of their 37-17 loss to the Houston Roughnecks.

The Wildcats announced that they have fired defensive coordinator Pepper Johnson. There’s no word on a replacement at this point.

Man the XFL is a cruel, cruel league. If you think being a Browns coach puts you on a short leash, the XFL is 10x as brutal. Imagine having maybe three or four months to get a defense together with a group of guys you have never met and have never played together before and you get fired after ONE bad GAME, not SEASON, GAME! Poor Pepper Johnson man. He has 15 years of experience as an NFL assistant coach but one game getting run up on by the Houston Roughnecks was enough to lose him his job.

I mean maybe I’m being too kind but is 37 points really that bad?? It’s not like they got no stops… and even the coach admitted that the Wildcats turned it over four times and put their defense in bad spots.

Maybe something happened behind the scenes, but if the offense turns it over four times and fucks over the defense I personally feel bad for old Pepper J. All that being said, I’m very down for this level of ruthlessness in the XFL. Just fire and cut anybody who makes a mistake. I love it.

P.S. Pepper Johnson?? ,,, more like,,, Salty Johnson now folks

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