XFL Week 1 TV Ratings Are In

XFL TV ratings for Week 1 / via XFL

The XFL TV ratings for Week 1 are coming in and the numbers put the new Vince McMahon football league on par with a Christmas Day NBA game. We also learned that Cleveland and Columbus were definitely intrigued by the XFL since Cardale Jones started for Washington against Seattle. Don’t forget 2019 when the AAF did pretty good numbers in Week 1, but then the games ended up on NFL Network and CBSSN. People couldn’t find the games and left.

Keep in mind the XFL TV schedule will stick with ABC, Fox, FS1 and ESPN2. You’ll even get a Sunday night ESPN game at 9 pm on March 8. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize this league’s best chance at survival is TV coverage. ESPN/ABC have a huge TV stake so they’ll obviously be covering the league better than say NASCAR or the NHL.

NSFWBDs React To Week 1 Of The XFL
NSFWBDs React To Week 1 Of The XFL
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