Wrestler PJ Hawx Jumps Off Second Floor Of Mall In Louisiana

Wrestler PJ Hawx jumps off second floor of a mall in Kenner, Louisiana / via Instagram

Wrestler PJ Hawx is about to get an insane amount of attention after what he pulled off Sunday at the Esplanade Mall in Kenner, Louisiana where he jumped off the second story of the mall during Wildkat Wrestling’s free show. That’s right, PJ did that at a show where people didn’t pay a penny to see action like this.

Now I’m not some kind of wrestling expert, but I have to believe the level of difficulty we’re seeing here is something rarely seen in the squared circle scene. Look at where PJ’s boots are at inside the railing before his leap. “Hawx’s are known to fly, they just didnt tell you it was off the second story of the mall. 🤼‍♂️💪,” wrote on Instagram after his flight that’s guaranteed to put him on the map.

PJ sent word to me this morning that he and his father are professional stuntmen when they’re not wrestling. In other words, leave this to the professionals. Don’t go jumping off the second floor of your local mall. Maybe PJ will come to town and Make Your Mall Great Again.



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