Alabama Sports Radio Host Wanted For Not Paying Child Support…For Almost A Decade

Jeffery Scott Moore wanted in Alabama / via Etowah County Sheriff’s Office

You would think that an alleged child support-skirting scumbag like Jeffrey Scott Moore would have a hard time finding work as an Alabama sports talk personality, but it seems like the more mugshots J. Scott Moore racked up at the Etowah County jail, the more work he got, including a spot alongside Tide national champion quarterback Jay Barker on Barker’s state-wide syndicated show.

Records show that Moore had child support arrest mugshots in 2012, 2013 & 2014. Those are found rather easily via Google. An Alabama media source says Barker is claiming he didn’t know about any of the previous arrests. I bet Jay was really shocked when cops showed up to get Moore at the radio studio. Cops say the guy has been avoiding paying child support “to one child” for almost a decade. Then this happened.

From the Trussville Tribune:

The Etowah County Sheriff’s Office recently sent a deputy to locate Moore at his place of employment in Homewood, but according to the sheriff’s office, Moore fled out the back door as the deputy arrived. The Etowah County Sheriff’s Office then contacted Moore’s attorney, who said that Moore would comply with law enforcement. He has not followed up on his word.

Moore currently can be heard on the Jay Barker Show out of AVX studios, in Homewood.

A Google cache for Barker’s radio show lists Moore as a member of the team, but he has since been deleted from the show Twitter bio. It’s unclear if Moore turned himself in over the weekend or if he’s still running from cops. He did fire up the Twitter machine over the weekend and has been liking posts today.

I have a request in to Moore to see what’s going on here. Give him a chance to respond to this madness.

That’s Moore in the Bama gear last week. I assume this was before he ran from cops:

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