“I Put My Foot in My Mouth A Lot This Past Year” -Baker Mayfield on Get Up This Morning

The highly anticipated Baker Mayfield/Rex Ryan showdown ended up being a bit of a letdown. Baker was actually very humble and very open about his and the Browns’ struggles this past year. He took full accountability for the team’s struggles all year and gave Browns fans some hope with his outlook. Dan Orlovsky, who was co-hosting the show, agreed with my assessment on Baker’s performance.

If you’re a Browns fan and you are out on Baker, I think you’re crazy. Baker legitimately wants to win so bad and you have to think about how young he still is and how many shitty coaches he’s had to deal with only two years. Hopefully, Stefanski is the answer. Also, I will say I hope that the wording of “foot in my mouth” was a subtle joke at Rex Ryan because Baker deserves to body him. Maybe after he wins the Super Bowl next year he can finally talk shit to Rex’s face.

Sidenote: The #BakerIsFat crew has lost all ground to stand on after this picture came out. Slightly dad bod-ish? Yes. Pale? Yes. Out of place around these guys? Yes. But, fat? No! Assault!


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