Last Night the Knicks Started a Brawl While the Garden Crowd Chanted “Sell The Team”

I’m not making any sort of bold proclamation when I say the Knicks have been the laughing stock of the NBA for the better part of two decades and have maybe the worst owner in all of sports. Especially since the departure of Carmelo Anthony, it’s been dark days for the Knicks. They win 15 games, get a shitty position in the draft lottery, and then draft a bust. That’s been the cycle for the past 5-6 years. Well, things finally came to a boiling point last night at the Mecca when Elfrid Payton decided he had enough of this bullshit.

What an all-time shove! Elfrid Payton was stuck on the Magic for the first few years of his career and now he’s on this dreadful Knicks team and there is only so much a man can take. He thought Jae Crowder was being a dick for jacking up that three with a full shot clock when the game was all but over, so he took matters into his own hands. I have to respect it. Then the Knicks crowd reacted in the only appropriate manner:

Anyone with a brain knows James Dolan is the reason the Knicks have been a joke for years, in the biggest market on Earth, in the one professional sport that you very much can just buy three players and be the best team in the league. What madness.

Now, do you think Elfrid Payton regretted his decision? Let’s go to the tape:

Gotta respect it.

At least the Knicks have a veteran presence like Marcus Morris in the locker room. Let’s hear his thoughts on the incident:

Yyyyyyyyyyiiiiiiiikkkkkkkkkeeeeeesssssssssss. I’m sure this will go over really well the blue checkmark brigade.

In summation, the Knicks have maybe reached peak dumpster fire and it’s only going to get worse until James Dolan sells the team. Very soon their team is going to turn into the Flint Tropics. SOMEBODY HIT SOMEBODY!

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