ESPN Twitter Accounts Hacked

Monday it some Saudi group claiming to be behind the hacking of the NFL’s Twitter accounts and now we have some group called OurMine out here gaining control of ESPNs accounts for a period of time on Tuesday. No way I’m going to that URL for OurMine. I’m sure that will get you a big dose of issues where some 22 year old in Bulgaria instantly knows your complete p0rn download history.

OurMine might be the same Saudis who took over the NFLs accounts, but at this point, it’s hard to tell if OurMine is just playing mind games with Goodell’s crew or they’re the masterminds of a hack that has now taken over at least 15 NFL team accounts.

OurMine says this is sorta a business plan they like to deploy from time to time:

OurMine told the BBC it reached out to the NFL ahead of the attack to offer its services in improving the league’s security but received no response.

OurMine says it is currently based in Dubai.

In the past, the group has hacked companies and well-known individuals to offer its private cyber security services.

It has hacked the Twitter accounts of Netflix, Marvel, Google’s chief executive Sundar Pichai, and Twitter’s founder Jack Dorsey. It has also hacked Buzzfeed’s website and multiple Facebook and YouTube accounts.

Don’t worry, ESPN eventually got its accounts back and everything is back to normal.


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