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I thought TMZ had been hacked or it was a fake TMZ account or something like that

It was one of those moments that felt out of body. Seeing a tweet saying Kobe Bryant had died in a helicopter crash scroll across your screen isn’t exactly something you expect to see on a quiet Sunday afternoon. I was sitting here catching up on the news of the day waiting for one son to go to soccer practice while I stayed home with my other son when the news dropped. Of course it didn’t feel real, we’re not supposed to lose historic icons at 41. And we’re not supposed to lose them in helicopter crashes when the icon has been using that mode of transportation for at least a decade. And then it happens and it’s all real and his daughter is on that helicopter.

It was almost seven years ago when I was going through a cancer diagnosis and I started seeing a counselor about how to mentally deal with brutal news and I’ll never forget the first time I was ever told, “You’re not guaranteed tomorrow.” Here I was in my 30s and had never been advised on mortality. I was just like most guys my age — you’ll deal with mortality later. Kick the can down the road. Those words hit me like a brick wall.

Then I watched people deal with those words on Sunday. It was either the first time they’d heard those words or it was a refresher for those of us who needed to hit a reset button. I listened to Hubie Brown say last night on ESPN that it was the saddest basketball-related day of his life. And that’s really it — sadness. No other way to really put it.

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