Joy Taylor Kicks Off Super Bowl Week From The Pool

I’ll go out on a limb — Joy Taylor’s going to have a huge Super Bowl week. Colin Cowherd’s co-host is back in the city where she became a radio name at 790 AM in Miami and that turned into a role as Cowherd’s news lady which has turned into more than just that role. Add in the fact that someone mentioned on Instagram that she and Earl Watson are no longer engaged — good luck finding pics of Earl on her IG, they seem to have disappeared — and you have all the makings of this being Joy’s big week.

It also helps that Fox has the Super Bowl LIV broadcast and a massive set on South Beach. Joy Taylor can name the parties she wants to attend this week and she’s walking in.

Besides her work on the Herd, Joy has added the Maybe I’m Crazy Podcast to her resume where she is handling solo hosting duties and is working her way towards her own TV sports show. It’s just a matter of time and the offers — don’t be shocked if ESPN gets in on the bidding — are going to be significant as Joy keeps building her following that’s already 280k-plus on Instagram.

Earl’s going to miss out on this rocket ship.


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