NSFWBDs React To Eli Manning Retirement News

It’s all over and the NSFWBDs have all sorts of thoughts on Eli Manning announcing his retirement from the NFL with a 117-117 record and those two Super Bowl titles that will result in him sliding into the hall of fame no matter what the debate shows want to say. The BDs know this is a changing of the guard moment and that the Patriots slayer was just about as average as it gets until it was time to shine in the playoffs and get to the Super Bowl.

Eli finishes with 366 touchdowns, 244 interceptions and over 57,000 passing yards. He also leaves behind a treasure trove of screenshots and all sorts of Eli moments that will live on in Internet history. There were the pool beers. There was the bucket on the beach. So many Eli moments that the Internet will never forget and never stop using to create memes.

But it’s over at 39 years of age and is it possible that Eli slides into Tony Romo’s spot if he goes and takes the money from ESPN?

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