Buy Freddie Kitchens Cleveland Browns Gear That He Allegedly Owned Before Being Fired

Freddie Kitchens Cleveland Browns shirts and hoodies are for sale on eBay…Freddie allegedly owned and used this gear / via eBay

Freddie Kitchens Cleveland Browns hoodies, shirts, polos, long sleeves and more are on eBay and all of this gear was (allegedly) worn by the former Browns head coach. It’s unclear how the eBay seller got his/her hands on Freddie’s gear, but the seller — with 19 years of eBay experience — is saying this is Freddie’s 3XL gear and now it can be yours.

Dig into the listings and see which item(s) you need in your collection. There’s even a Freddie Crucial Catch hoodie and Freddie’s trusted lightweight sideline hoodie. You know the guy loved his comfortable shirts so you have to assume these were cherished items to a guy who lasted 17 weeks with the Browns.

One thing I’d be interested to know is whether Freddie dumped this gear at a Goodwill or if the team dumps the gear. I’m starting to think that Freddie dumped it at a Goodwill because the eBay seller seems to specialize in clothes from second hand stores and all the other clothes for sale are stylish women’s clothing. Great mystery right here that I need to solve.

Did Freddie dump out all his Browns gear on a second hand store? Someone let me know. I’ll keep you anonymous. No outing my sources.

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Cherished Freddie Kitchens clothing is for sale on eBay


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