Seattle Broadcaster Hana Kim Thinks The Vikings Beat The 49ers

Seattle newscaster says the Vikings beat the 49ers / via Twitter

Hana Kim, an Emmy and Edward R Murrow award-winning journalist from Q13 Fox News in Seattle, has yet to issue a public apology for reading a Teleprompter during Saturday night’s newscast that said the Vikings beat the 49ers in the divisional round of the NFL playoffs. I’m demanding an apology to the news world, to the sports world, to a world that can’t handle even more fake news.

Or give back the Edward R. Murrow award(s). You think Edward R. Murrow would be happy with this broadcast? Absolutely not and the least Hana could do is say how disappointed she is in the news producer who wrote those words into the Teleprompter system. Just listen to THIS!

Anyone else hear this Saturday night on Fox News radio?

I can’t seem to find an apology from Hana or weather woman Erin Mayovsky, who just let Kim roll on with that report. Erin might’ve not seen the result from the Vikings-49ers game because she was tracking a bunch of snow that’s been hammering the high elevations around Seattle.

Look, someone has to step up here and take responsibility. I might even need someone fired, probably the person in the newsroom who typed those words into the Teleprompter. Unacceptable.

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