Nashville Man Calls Cops On 24-Year-Old Girlfriend During Rough Sex For Scratching & Biting Him

Nashville woman Kristan Parris arrested for scratching and biting during sex / via Metro Nashville Police

One thing led to another just after the New Year in Nashville and 24-year-old Kristan Parris was (allegedly) scratching and biting her boyfriend Taylor Hayes so bad during sex that he ended up calling cops and she ended up arrested and booked by Metro Nashville Police. Kristan has killed her Facebook page and now has this case all over what sounds like some rough play.

From ScoopNashville:

24-year-old Kristan Parris is free on a $500 bond, after her boyfriend, Taylor Hayes, called Metro Police when she got rough with him during sex. He presented to police with two bite marks and several scratches to his back.

Metro Nashville Police were dispatched to the Pine Street Flats at 1:24 a.m. on January 1st, for a domestic assault call. The victim, identified as Taylor Hayes, told police that his girlfriend, Kristan Parris, began to bite and scratch him during sex and that it was beyond the scope of their normal intimacy.

Hayes says that Kristan threw a couple punches at him a few weeks ago. Look, let’s see the scratches so those of us who’ve been scratched can judge whether these are legit scratches or if we’re talking about I’m going to scratch you so I don’t wake the neighbors scratches. And maybe Taylor doesn’t know the difference here.

And maybe these two just need to throw a biting/scratching question on Reddit so they can get some advice. It’s possible Kristan hasn’t been told by Taylor that he doesn’t like it. The whole calling the cops thing is a little absurd. Maybe handcuff her ass the next time. Reddit can usually settle this stuff.

Scratching and biting during sex advice on Reddit
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