Michigan Man Admits To Cutting Grindr Date’s Balls Out & Eating Them

Michigan Man accused of cutting guy’s balls out and eating them / via WLIX

Michigan Man Mark Latunski admitted to cops he cut out his Grindr date’s balls and ate them after cops found 25-year-old Kevin Bacon hanging naked from the ceiling at Latunski’s house in a small town northeast of Lansing over the holidays. Latunski was in court this week and is acting like he’s some other person and probably trying his best to get the insanity treatment.

A roommate says Bacon met Latunski on Grindr Christmas Eve. The next day Bacon never showed up to a family breakfast and the cops were notified something wasn’t right. And that was beyond true. Here’s what cops found.

From WLIX:

Detectives said they went to Latunski’s home to perform a welfare check as that was the last location Bacon was believed to have been.

When they entered Latunski’s central Michigan home, detectives testified they found Bacon hanging naked from the ceiling.

According to testimony from the detective, Latunski confessed to killing Bacon by stabbing him with a knife in the back one time then slitting his throat.

He also admitted to police he wrapped a rope around Bacon’s ankles and hung him from the rafters on the ceiling.

According to the documents, Latunski admitted he used the knife to cut off Bacon’s testicles and then consumed them.

Let’s hear from Mark’s estranged husband on what kind of guy he is:

Arnold went on to say, “he is a father. He has four children, but things have changed.”

He also speaks highly of his estranged husband in some ways as well. Arnold says Latunski is very intelligent. But also believes Latunski needs help with managing his mental health.

Arnold said, “I don’t believe it was premeditated. I think it was, like I said, a hook up that went wrong, that went terribly, terribly wrong.”

Here’s what the Internet dug up on Mark Latunski. This case has gotten so big in the last two weeks that it already has its own Facebook facts page where people are going all CSI. I’ll say it — the Michigan State Penal System looks like the exact place this guy would enjoy:

Morrice, Michigan
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