Kylie Ramos Shows Up On Bachelor With 12-Pack of Condoms

Kylie Ramos made her BC debut back in November when I said she wasn’t getting nearly enough attention on Instagram and the next thing I know she’s on the Bachelor season premiere showing up to meet the Bachelor, Peter, with a 12-pack of condoms. Guys, I hate to toot my horn around here too much, but this is how you know I’ve been at this game a long, long time. Probably too long.

The bad news for Kylie is that she didn’t get through the first episode with a rose. No rose, you go home. Kylie went one-and-done and now goes back to her Instagram life with a one-night bump in exposure. She should have all sorts of starting pitchers and middle relievers looking for dates. Don’t laugh, those guys make huge money. I was just going through contracts for former Cleveland Indians middle relievers and role players the other day and it’s pretty much $40-$50M in career earnings for each guy. Not a bad life at all.

This lady gets it:

Lenny Dykstra was Team Kylie….that’s how you know Peter really screwed up:

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