Drew Lock & Girlfriend Natalie Newman Enjoying The Keys











Drew Lock and girlfriend Natalie Newman wasted little time getting some vacation time in as the two are in Islamorada at the Cheeca Lodge & Spa in the Keys right now enjoying the tropical weather and stone crabs. This Drew Lock kid just might be the next great thing in the NFL because he’s showing expertise unlike what we’ve seen out of other guys who’ve come and gone because they’re morons.

Lock, a second rounder, didn’t go and jet off to some tropical resort out of the country where he’d have to blow thousands of dollars at a resort. He went to Islamorada after ringing in the new year in Jupiter. Smart NFL guys know you build up to the Pig Island Bahamas trip. You don’t just dump that on the plate to the new girlfriend on the first trip. Horrible move because then you have to keep going up from there. This Islamorada thing is perfect because you can make your way down to Key West, get absolutely hammered, nobody knows you’re the Broncos starting quarterback, you can have the time of your lives and go back to your Airbnb with Natalie & get a bang sesh in.

I’m telling you guys, Drew Lock is going to make a bunch of money, create a bunch of pageviews and just might save an otherwise boring AFC West.



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