Antonio Brown Drops ‘Whole Lotta Money’ Single & Video

Antonio Brown’s ‘Whole Lotta Money’ single and video are out / via AB IG

Antonio Brown might be a basketcase, but he quickly delivered on his promise to release a single, “Whole Lotta Money,” and his production crew even pumped out the long-awaited (they shot it like 10 days ago) music video to go along with AB auto-tune singing “whole lotta money.”

I’m not a big expert on pop music these days or the rap game, but I know the auto-tune angle is still alive and kicking which can turn just about anyone into a rapper, including AB, who is known to mangle the English language to where you think he’s speaking Spanish or some other foreign language. In his single I sure can understand him sing “whole lotta money.”

The big question now is how long AB will have a “whole lotta money,” since we all figure it’ll run out in less than five years and you’ll see the cars and mansions being repossessed. His career NFL money is believed to be somewhere in the $71 million range.

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