Brian Urlacher Wears Bills Gear To Support His Friend Bob Babich


Why was Brian Urlacher wearing Buffalo gear at Bills-Texans? / via Instagram

Brian Urlacher chose his former Bears coach Bob Babich to present him to the Pro Football Hall of Fame back in 2018, so it only made sense that Urlacher would be in Buffalo Bills gear supporting Babich and the Bills as they took on the Titans Saturday in Houston. Babich is the Bills linebacker coach.

Here’s what Urlacher said about picking Babich as his HOF presenter to the Chicago Tribune in 2018:

“It was tough (to choose) because there are so many good coaches, not just professional but college and high school,” Urlacher told the Tribune. “I spent nine years with Bob, and he knows me better than anybody. We had a great relationship and have a great relationship today.

“He challenged me every single day. One thing I loved is he didn’t treat me different than anyone else. I loved going to work every single day, and while I hated meetings, he made them fun because it was a challenge every single day.

Here’s Babich presenting Urlacher. Careful, you might want to run through a brick wall after watching. That’s why Urlacher’s in that Bills gear. Supporting his old coach that considers him a son.

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