NSFWBDs React To World War 3 & Being Drafted To Fight In It

The big news last night was that World War 3 has started and the NSFWBDs are already reacting to how the draft will be coming back and they’re already thinking of ways to avoid going to the Middle East. By now you know that a rocket attack blew up some Iranian dude that a majority of Americans had never heard of, but now this guy’s death is all the rage on social media. It sent the BDs into BD mode as they tried to figure out how they were going to handle this new war.

What’s clear is that the BDs aren’t against breaking a leg to stay home in the hood when things start popping off in the Middle East. Little did I know that this would be some of the BDs greatest work yet. Dig in, you’ll enjoy it.

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19 NSFWBDs React To Christmas & Santa’s 2019 Visit
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