Meet Tika Camaj — Taekwondo Black Belt

Model Tika Camaj lists ‘Taekwondo black belt’ in her Instagram bio, but I can’t seem to find any content from Tika showing off her martial arts skills. Normally I’d call out an IG model for making such a bold claim, but not in this instance. I’m going to take Tika at her word because of how rare it is to come across an IG model with any kind of martial arts skills. I’m going to believe her.

I did find this workout video from way back in 2016 and she can clearly throw a punch that would break my ribs. This is all the proof I need that Tika is packing some skills.

There’s also this photo from way back showing off Tika’s flexibility. Again, I’m taking her at her word about the Taekwondo black belt thing:

The lesson here: don’t try Tika on a runway if you’re some up-and-coming model looking to make a name for yourself. It could be a very bad move.


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