Gronk Spikes Steve Harvey Lego Head During New Years Show

Gronk spikes Steve Harvey Lego head during New Years Eve show / via Twitter

If you didn’t watch the Steve Harvey New Years Eve show on Fox, you missed a huge circus that included Gronk spiking a Steve Harvey Lego head and throwing floaties at people who tried to climb stairs and win the Gronk stair climb challenge. Fox officially has a New Years show you’ll need to watch in the future.

I fell asleep at some point and missed some of the action, but I was awake to see Gronk’s buddy Mojo Rawley get hit with a guitar during a WWE bit and then I was up when the ball dropped and Gronk was on stage with girlfriend Camille, Steve, other people and the Village People. That’s right, the Village People. Huge circus and I liked it a lot.

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