Antonio Brown & Girlfriend Stephanie Acevedo Kick Off No White Woman 2020

Antonio Brown promised ‘No White Woman 2020’ and he’s off and running on day one with girlfriend Stephanie Acevedo — part Puerto Rican, part Cuban — by his side as the two hit up Miami hotspots to celebrate the big year for the unemployed NFL wide receiver. It’ll be interesting to see how long AB can stay away from the white woman and how long this relationship with Stephanie can last.

What will happen first: AB will get back in the NFL; AB will break down and end up with a white woman; or, he’ll marry Stephanie? I think this guy’s going to end up marrying Stephanie. It’s going to be some sort of reality show wedding for VH1. AB-Steph love story. It started as a music collab and then the two fell in love.

At this point it doesn’t look good for AB to get back in the league. He’ll turn 32 in July and continues to be wacko like earlier this week when he claimed the Saints used him.

Antonio Brown said he thinks his workout with the New Orleans Saints was a “publicity stunt” during an Instagram video he posted Monday night.

The Saints brought Brown in for a workout last Friday — his first visit with a team since he was released by the New England Patriots on Sept. 20.

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