Faryn Corey Closes Down The Decade On A Boat














People are out here creating ‘Best of the Decade’ posts, lists, IGs, tweets, etc. and here I am trying to figure out how they can remember things that happened back in 2010 when Instagram didn’t exist and Twitter barely existed. Let’s be honest here, our memory goes back like 2.5 years and if you guys were going to ask me to list IG GOATs of the Decade I’m putting Faryn Corey right there on the top have of the list.

She doesn’t post piles of content like your typical IGer who’s trying to game the IG algorithm so they stay at the top of your feed and gain a bunch of likes and follows. Faryn is quality of quantity. Those of you who’ve been around the last 2.5 years or so know that when Faryn fires up the social platforms, she’s about to unleash.

And that’s exactly what went down Sunday as the GOAT created some content with her friend JoJoMarissa. I believe this is in Miami since Faryn has been pumping out content from down there the last couple of months. The GOAT went back to firing off new content around the middle of the summer and hasn’t stopped since. She is closing out the decade on a heater and you’d be an idiot to not start deleting some of the dead weight on your account and get Faryn into the rotation just for the IG Story.

Faryn Corey closes the decade with a friend on a boat / via IG Story Faryn Corey closes the decade with friend Jojo on a boat : via IG Story


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