The biggest NBA controversies of the decade



Memorable match ups and unforgettable NBA Finals have been plentiful in the 2010s but with the decade drawing to a close, it is a good time to look back on some of the most notable conspiracies and controversies that have taken place during the last ten years.

From hard evidence of infidelity to trash talk on social media and foul play in games, the NBA has not been short of entertainment on and off the court and fans can also get in on the action through fox bet pa.

Foul play by Golden State Warriors

The 2010s saw the Golden State Warriors evolve into an NBA powerhouse but their rise to the top has been blighted on the odd occasion by accusations of systematic fouling and dirty plays. Draymond Green has been called out for targeting opposing players’ groin area with his foot despite claiming the move is a “natural motion”.

Warriors center Zaza Pachulia also left a mark on Spurs hotshot Kawhi Leonard in 2017, aggravating a long-standing ankle issue which subsequently drew the ire of teams across the league and led to Spurs coach Gregg Popovich publicly criticizing the consistent rough and tumble.

New Orleans pick Anthony Marshon Davis Jr. 

The New Orleans Hornets won the draft lottery in 2012 when they got first dibs on Anthony Davis, who is now a six-time NBA All Star. However, a poll by USA Today found 55% of NBA fans believed the lottery was rigged in New Orleans’ favor as the franchise was owned by the NBA at that time. While there was no actual evidence to back up the claims, the move was a low point for interest commentators.

Yahoo Sports said at the time: “The reaction of several league executives was part disgust, part resignation on Wednesday night. So many had predicted this happening, so many suspected that somehow, someway, the Hornets would walk away with Davis.”

Philadelphia forget Jrue Holiday’s injury record

Philadelphia 76ers general manager Sam Hinkie was determined to overhaul the playing roster when he took the top job in 2013 and he soon set out about offloading several star players. All-Star point guard Jrue Holiday eventually went to New Orleans Pelicans in a trade that saw a number of players move in the other direction, however, the 76ers did keep a few things under wraps, not least Holiday’s injury record.

Sources close to the club revealed that Holiday had been playing through the pain barrier during his final season at Philadelphia with a stress fracture in his right leg hindering performances. Hinkie didn’t disclose the details and the 76ers eventually paid the price as the league fined them $3m for the deception.

Nick Young v D’Angelo Russell

One of the bizarre off-court controversies during the decade involved the then LA Lakers upstart D’Angelo Russell and fellow teammate Nick Young with the former filming the latter admitting to having an affair. The video was uploaded on social media, but it was Russell who has caught most of the criticism for his underhand behavior. Both players left the Lakers one season later.

Clippers keep DeAndre Jordan under lock and key

DeAndre Jordan had his sights set on a dream move to the Dallas Mavericks in 2015. The center was in for a rude awakening though after verbally committing to a deal as the L.A. Clippers went to extra lengths to prevent it from going through by barricading him in his own home.

An ESPN analyst stirred the pot by claiming Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was personally driving around locally “begging” via text for the address to DeAndre’s home to end the impasse. Broussard later apologized to Cuban who was not shy in calling the former an “idiot”. The L.A Clippers later convinced DeAndre to stay put but he did eventually make the move to Dallas in 2018, presumably with less drama.

Kevin Durant v Russel Westbrook

Durant and Westbrook enjoyed a formidable partnership as teammates for Oklahoma City, but frosty personal relations hit a new low in 2016 after Kevin revealed his intentions to sign with the Golden State Warriors. Russel responded by calling Kevin a cupcake and there has been a sense of awkwardness between the two ever since.

A few other notable feuds in recent years include LeBron James’ spat with Dan Gilbert, Ray Allen’s fallout with his Boston Celtic teammates, Kobe Bryant’s enmity with Dwight Howard, and Joel Embiid’s adept use of Instagram to trash talk opponents across the NBA.

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