NSFWBDs React To Antonio Brown’s ‘No White Women In 2020’ Resolution

Antonio Brown finally broke the NSFWBDs. These guys had his back. They wanted AB to do AB. The BDs never wavered in their support of the guy until very late last night when AB declared “no more white woman 2020.” That was it. The BDs finally broke down and said enough is enough out of this guy. He finally went over the edge and has multiple BDs asking for someone within AB’s camp to take away social media from this guy so he might have the chance to get back on the field and put food on the table.

I wasn’t expecting a no white women resolution to be the breaking point, but here we are with a guy who just might be living with CTE and trying to get back into the league to get even more CTE. These are bridges we’ve never crossed before in the NFL. Does Drew Rosenhaus go to AB and say I need your passwords? Is that something an agent even brings up? I need to get my agent friend on the phone and clear up some of this stuff.

In the meantime, AB has under 20 days to do his thing with the white women before time is up and he has to go Latins or something like that to mix it up in the new decade.

This might’ve been when the CTE showed up:


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